Building Online Courses

Building Online Courses
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paintcan.gifWelcome to the Construction Guide for Online Courses!

Putting together a course could be compared to constructing a building. The two endeavors even share some vocabulary:

    • foundation
    • tools
    • materials
    • blueprint
    • specifications

Constructing a building or a course involves some basic premises. 

    • You must have the right raw materials, tools, and measurement methods
    • You need to know the building site (Canvas) and use the landscape wisely. 
    • You need a solid foundation. a sequential plan (blueprint), and a timeline. 
    • There are limitations: you cannot put in windows and doors until walls are up; you cannot fill in course details until there are established areas to hold them.

If you and your neighbor are both building houses, each will be distinct. Your course will be unique and will not necessarily look or be arranged the same as a neighbor's. You are the architect and the builder (and eventually the landlord).  So, be as creative as you like!

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