Ins and Outs of Great Online Courses

Ins and Outs of Great Online Courses
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 The Weather Down Here



You are about to embark on a study of weather in the online course environment.  

You will learn to read the forecast, predict the storms, and catch the updrafts in an online course.  You will explore high and low pressure areas, drought and flood zones, and air density and movement. You will learn terminology and tools, build lightning rods, and prepare for the doldrums and the hurricanes.

As you go, you will be tweaking the atmosphere in your own "biosphere," becoming a weatherman (or woman) who can manipulate and create the perfect environment for student survival and growth.

Your own course content shell is your biosphere. You might be building it from the ground up or inheriting a "fixer-upper." Either way, you make it a viable living space for learning and thriving.

For each category of weather wisdom, you will follow these steps:

  1. What -    Identify the targeted element.
  2. Why  -    Determine the part it plays in the environment.
  3. Apply -   Demonstrate it in your course shell.
  4. Extend-  Investigate further and support learning.
Pack your umbrella and your sunscreen!  You're off!

Contact information:

Dabareh Vowell
575.644.7526  (cell - you are welcome to call)
575.538.6085  (office)

Virtual Office Hours

8:00 - 9:00 AM    Tuesday - Friday
4:00 - 6:00 PM    Monday - Wednesday
Contact me by e-mail, message within the course, or call. 
We can arrange a live chat or conference any time you wish!  Just let me know what is convenient for you.

Our Responsibilities

  • My capacity in the course is a designer of the basic environment.  I want this course to be informative, welcoming, and community-oriented.  I have laid the foundation, set up walls, and made the course weather tight. I have even provided some furniture. However, I am willing to knock out new windows and move  walls if it needs to accommodate you in better ways!
    •  It is up to you to decorate the space with your experiences and viewpoints, rearrange the furniture to your liking, bring your own snacks, and make it a place you want to come and visit! If you encounter things in the building that you find awkward or confusing, please let me know!  
  • I am here as a resource and guide!  I will be happy to help you online, in a phone chat, Skype, or in person. I also am a learner, so help me along if I need it.
    • Your responsibility is to take advantage of all the functions, resources, and assistance provided as you make your home here for a few weeks. You should establish routines, set up an efficient work station, and do your chores.
    • You are also a teacher.  Help me present information, organize material, or create assignments and activities in more effective ways. 
  • My job is to give multiple residents a safe place to live and learn.  I will moderate and supervise.
    • You should feel free to speak your mind in discussions (while following Netiquette guidelines) and roam about. Interact with others. We are co-inhabiting this place, so create connections. Help others. Set examples. Respond.  Locking yourself in your room will not only isolate you, but those who might benefit from your experience.

Getting Started

On the left menu, click on the Modules tab (or select the blue link here).  The modules are organized by topic.  You may work through at your own pace, updating your own course to meet Quality Matters Standards (which begin in the fifth module after the resources). Participate as much as you can to build and contribute to the learning community.

Happy Learning!

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